You received an information postcard from the Sudbury Student Services Consortium at the end of last term. Kindly note that students may not change their buses on a day to day basis.  Close attention will be paid to the Board’s Transportation Policy as it relates to busing distances, 0.5km for kindergarten, 1.0km for grades1-3, and 1.6 km for Grades 4-8.

Parents are responsible for contacting the Sudbury Student Services Consortium if there are any information changes.  The phone number is 1-877-225-1196.. Problems with times, routes, etc. should also be directed to the Sudbury Student Services Consortium.  Students who are transported by bus must return home by bus unless written or oral parental permission has been given to the school.  Authorization by the parent must be given each time a student does not follow his/her transportation procedures.

The instructions of the bus driver are to be obeyed without question at all times.  Where a member of the school bus patrol is assigned to a bus, it is for the purpose of rendering assistance and providing an extra measure of safety for our students.

Bus drivers are to report any misconduct to the principal.

School Bus Procedures

School bus transportation is a privilege – ignoring these rules could result in this privilege being withdrawn.

Before Loading

  1. Be ready at the school bus stop 5 minutes ahead of the designated bus arrival time.  Be waiting for the bus, it cannot wait for you.
  2. Stay off the road at all times while waiting for the bus.  Bus riders must conduct themselves in a safe manner and always respect other people and property while waiting.
  3. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop, with the stop arm out before attempting to enter the bus.
  4. Horseplay and fighting while waiting for the bus is very dangerous and is therefore not permitted.
  5. Bus riders are not permitted to move toward the bus at the school loading zone until the buses have been brought to a complete stop.

While on the Bus

For safety reasons, large projects and loose balls, are not permitted on the bus.  Balls may be transported if they are in a bag to prevent them from rolling around if dropped.

Bus Driver Rules

  • Be waiting for the bus, it can’t wait for you.
  • Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before attempting to enter.
  • After getting off the bus, students must look both ways before crossing the road.
  • Keep hands and head inside the bus at all times.
  • Keep books, lunch bags etc. out of the aisle.
  • DO NOT throw anything out of a window.
  • Loud talking is not permitted.  It may disturb the driver, resulting in an accident.
  • Do not leave your seat while the bus is in motion.
  • Assist in keeping the bus in a safe and sanitary condition at all times.
  • In case of a road emergency, students are to remain on the bus.
  • Damage to seats etc. must be paid for by the offender.

The instructions of the Bus Driver on a Rainbow Schools bus are to be obeyed without question and at all times.  Bus drivers will report any misconduct to the Vice-Principal.  All bussed students are required to leave school on the bus, unless an authorized note from a parent/guardian has been received in the main office.