Little Current Public School Healthy Breakfast Program

We are happy to announce that through the hard work and generosity of the Human League and community volunteers, our healthy breakfast program will be continuing this year. As volunteers are vital to the success of this program, we are encouraging anyone interested in helping out on a regular or part-time basis to submit your name to the office. Remember “Many hands make light work.”Our students really appreciate this healthy program.

Other In-School Programs

Little Current Public School offers a variety of unique programs to support our students in their learning. These programs include Early Reading Intervention, in-school counseling, Social Skills intervention, Virtual School courses for those students needing enrichment, an Intensive Support Program for students with special needs, as well as a Day Treatment Program in partnership with the Child and Family Centre. Students at Little Current Public School have the option of learning Ojibwe or French as a second language.

Volunteers play a critical and valued role in our school. They are involved in our Breakfast Club Program, the Head Lice Prevention Program, Reading Program, and our Cultural Day Committee.

Little Current Public School students enjoy a very active, co-curricular program provided by our dedicated and enthusiastic staff, as well as volunteers from our communities. We have a wide range of activities such as sports, chess and much more.

Rainbow School Programs

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